Hoof Oil 16oz – Sport Horse Essentials
Hoof Oil 16oz

Hoof Oil 16oz

Sport Horse Essentials

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100% All natural essential oils treat and protect even the worst thrush infections.  Everyone knows how important it is to keep your horse's hooves in top shape. The essentials oils in our Hoof Oil like Lemon and Tea Tree will knock out any thrush or infection and soothing oils like JoJoba and Coconut Oil help provide the moisture the hoof needs. Thousands of happy customers agree, no more staining your hands and barn purple! Just apply to the frog, sole, hoof wall, or anywhere that you see or smell thrush. Use it on the top of the hoof to moisturize and fight any bacteria lurking! 



-Safe for horses and humans


-Apply as needed

Directions: Paint horse hooves as desired

Ingredients:  Natural Essential Oil Blend, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable glycerine

*SHE Hoof Oil can be used as a daily moisturizer and is made with a blend of essential oils and carrier oils, that absorb into the hoof. A light nongreasy, and non staining formula. You can also apply to the bottom of the hoof as well to help moisturize, and or may help with any other kind of hoof issues as the essential oils have many antibacterial properties and can help prevent cracks. SHE Hoof Oil can be used on your own personal skin as a moisturizer as well. It's full of all the vitamins and nutrients from Mother Nature, that you need to help provide a healthy hoof! My favorite saying which is VERY TRUE "Happy hoof, happy horse!"

*With all natural products that have oils, remember to shake well before each use for best results.

*All ingredients have been carefully selected to abide by the banned substance list for USEF and FEI.

Feel free to request custom orders due to allergies or special needs.