The Whole SHE-Bang Package – Sport Horse Essentials

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The Whole SHE-Bang Package
The Whole SHE-Bang Package

The Whole SHE-Bang Package

Sport Horse Essentials

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*The Whole SHE-Bang includes a Fly Spray, Coat Spray, Fungus Blend, Hoof Oil and Waterless Shampoo and Stain Remover.

*All SHE products were made for your everyday grooming essentials. We use all natural ingredients, carrier oils, and essential oils that have many amazing antibacterial properties that help overall in the health of your horse. 

*Daily recommended use, first spray the SHE Coat Spray all over the horse, including mane and tail to help bring out the shine and the healthiest your horse's coat can be. Then follow with SHE Fly Spray for BEST results to help deter the pests while conditioning the coat. The Fungus Blend has oils with amazing antibacterial properties, that are great for healing open cuts and wounds, and fighting off fungus while also promoting hair regrowth. No more goopy creams just a few sprays is all you need! The Hoof Oil is great as an everyday conditioner that can be used on both tops and bottoms of the feet to help with preventing cracks and promoting a healthy hoof. The Waterless Shampoo and Stain Remover is great for any last minute touch-ups to remove dirt, manure stains, footing stains, or sweat marks. 

*With all natural products that have oils and liquids, a natural separation will occur. Remember to shake well to incorporate ingredients for best results.