SHE Amigos Package – Sport Horse Essentials
SHE Amigos Package

SHE Amigos Package

Sport Horse Essentials

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SHE Amigos Package 


The SHE Amigos includes a Coat Spray, Waterless Shampoo and Stain Remover, and (2) SHE Crunch Cups.


*Whether it’s too cold to bathe or want to skip the hassle of the hose for stains, this is the product for you! Aritha powder is a natural cleaning agent while  Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera help wipe the dirt away. Our natural essential oil blend helps fight fungus on the coat and with a light coconut scent, you’ll love using it too! 

*Sport Horse Essentials has teamed up with Snaks5thavenchew, an all natural gourmet treat company, to bring you SHE crunch cups. Reward your perfect unicorn with an all natural treat, the Sport Horse Essentials Way. 

*Daily recommended use, first spray the SHE Coat Spray all over the horse, including mane and tail to help bring out the shine and the healthiest your horse's coat can be.