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Our Story


If you are new to the holistic/essentials oil way of living, there are a couple things to keep in mind. The best ways to use 100% pure essentials for your own benefit, are to inhale them by the “cupping method” or diffusing, ingesting (ONLY ingest 100% pure essential oils), and using them topically with a carrier oil. After diffusing the oils in my home, I realized that my overall well-being was improving just by inhaling the oils.
As I was in the barn spraying my previous stock of chemical based fly & coat sprays, I realized that I was inhaling really harsh fumes and would sometimes get a funny taste in my mouth (I eventually started to hold my breath). Not only that, but I thought if I was so turned off by what the fly & coat sprays were making me feel like, what were they doing to my horses?! That’s when I started experimenting with using essential oils on the horses for a more holistic solution. Not only do the essential oils in our products benefit their skin and coat, it’s safe for them and for me to inhale.
One of our goals through our products/blog is to educate our customers about the transition to holistic living for you and for your horses! Stay tuned for more posts!