Fungus Spray

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FINAL Fungus Spray.jpg

Fungus Spray



-Safe for Horses


-Non-Greasy Formula

-Can be applied to Saddle Area

Directions: Spray to affected area as needed to treat skin irritations and fungus.

Ingredients: Natural Essential Oil Blend, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Glycerine, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, White Distilled Vinegar.

Our Fungus Blend is full of essential oils, that date back to biblical times. They have MANY antibacterial properties, which are great on cuts and wounds, and the toughest on fungus, and rain rot. No more nasty creams, just a few sprays of our Fungus Blend will do the trick. 

*With all natural products that have oils and water, a natural separation of liquids will occur. Remember to shake well to incorporate ingredients for best results. 

*All ingredients have been carefully selected to abide by the banned substance list for USEF and FEI. 

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